By The Way

an acoustic trio

By The Way

an acoustic trio

  • Don Hopwood – guitar, vocals
  • Geoff Larson – upright bass, vocals
  • Wes Weddell – mandolin, guitar, vocals, harmonica


An adventurous acoustic trio, By the Way offers listeners a feast of textures, tones, and dynamic ranges through both instrumental and vocal music.  BTW builds sweeping original melodies supported by strong, rhythmic counterpoint: think the musical love-child of Bill Frisell and YoYo Ma, raised by Neil Young.  The group’s sets move nimbly from toe-tapping bluegrass and Americana to deeply-classical undertakings in multiple movements.  Don Hopwood’s finger-picked guitar and Geoff Larson’s aggressive upright bass establish a sturdy canvas for Wes Weddell to ornament with his many instruments.


Hopwood and Larson grew up together in Spokane, WA, and founded the group with Jeff Sanders (guitar, vocals) in Bellingham, WA, circa 2002.  That lineup released the album “Late Night Stumble” in 2003, featuring guest appearances from a who’s-who of pickers from Bellingham’s celebrated early-2000s scene.  Weddell (also an Eastern Washington native) joined in 2013, and the second phase of By the Way got underway.  Hopwood, Larson, and Weddell released an EP, “Numb,” in 2014.


use your ears — hear the tunes

Upcoming Shows

hittin’ the town — come on out

We don’t have plans to perform in the next while.

But we look forward to in the near future.

 You can hear By the Way performing at Town Hall Seattle in their pre-event music. Yay for Civics and Arts!
by the way acoustic live music seattle

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